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'The Simpsons' To Take Part In Winter Olympics With Curling

'The Simpsons' will be taking up curling for an upcoming episode to be aired during the Winter Olympics in mid-February.

"We wanted to do a show at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and my initial idea was to have Homer and three of his buddies do a four-man bobsled," writer Rob LaZebnik tells the Canadian Press.

"Then we decided there's a lot more interesting story having Homer do something with Marge."

"One of the head writers suggested curling and we all liked it. I learned about mixed curling and it seemed kind of perfect."

In the episode, Homer and Marge will form a mixed-doubles curling team with Principal Skinner and his mother, who are experienced curlers. Marge turns out to be a natural, but Homer is more of a disaster on the ice.

"You'll see the comedy in it comes from Homer and Marge, and Homer turns out not to be a great curler and Marge is a great curler - part of it is all the housework she has done with her brooming," explains LaZebnik.

LaZebnik says he several other Canadian members of the writing staff spent an afternoon at a California curling club to pick up the nuances of the sport. He adds that they didn't just want Homer to be able to waltz into the Olympics with ease.

"Since everyone in the curling world had been so supportive, we wanted to take it seriously on the show. The funny thing is it's an event in an episode where Homer actually takes something seriously. I think we're really very respectful to it. We're surprisingly respectful."

Meanwhile, the episode will also see Lisa obsessed with completing her collection of Olympic pins.

January 19, 2010 |

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