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Terry Crews Waxes His Legs To Stay In Touch With His Feminine Side

Terry Crews tells Conan O'Brien people may not expect him to be in touch with his feminine side but he waxes his legs.

"I'm in touch with my feminine side so I go get my legs waxed," says Crews. "I love the feeling of smooth legs."

"I used to shave with a razor but it used to leave stubble and now it's like 'Hey baby, how you doin?'. My wife loves nice, smooth legs."

"I go to a waxing salon and, let me tell you, at first the pain was incredible but you get used to pain. Every woman in here knows you get used to it."

"As a man, I tell all guys, you gotta get hit in the face at least once in your life. Because the fear of getting hit in the face than actually getting hit in the face. It's the same with waxing. It's the fear of the wax. Just let it go."

February 11, 2015 |

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