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Susan Boyle Hospitalized at Priory Clinic Following Loss

Susan Boyle has been admitted to a priory clinic in London following her crushing defeat on 'Britain's Got Talent', according to various newspaper reports.

Boyle was the favorite to win the finals ever since her first performance, however, the pressure appeared to be building relentlessly on the shy singer after she blew up outside her hotel late last week.

Police were called to Boyle's hotel once again, where the Scottish singing sensation exhibited symptoms of "emotional breakdown" following the show's Saturday finale.

"Following Saturday night's show, Susan is exhausted and emotionally drained," says the television company behind the show. "She has been seen by her private GP who supports her decision to take a few days out for rest and recovery. We offer her our ongoing support and wish her a speedy recovery."

London police did not directly confirm the report, as per privacy laws, but admitted doctors had been called to the location to assist a woman under the Mental Health Act.

Boyle drew 20.2 percent of the vote in the final, behind the dance group Diversity, which won 24.9 percent of the 4 million votes cast.

Before the finale, Judge Piers Morgan revealed that while Boyle had many fans, there were also those who couldn't stand her and he just didn't understand it: "The sheer level of abuse she's getting continues to shock and appall me."

"Only yesterday, 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge Craig Revel Horwood said she 'sings as bad as she looks'. He called her 'awful', and said he 'wanted to smash the TV' after her semi-final. What a disgusting thing to say."

"For many people, it would be a dream come true. All that fame and attention, and the prospect of all that money to come with it down the line. But let me tell you now, there is a downside to fame. People start criticising you, sniping at you, trying to trip you up, belittle you, harass you. The pressure from sudden global success can be enormous."

"All the fun of being propelled into international acclaim starts to disappear. And you start to feel jittery, self-conscious, paranoid, and fractious. Susan Boyle is a very kind, generous-hearted, lady who has had a pretty tough life."

"She was deprived of oxygen during her birth, and that left her with 'learning difficulties', causing her to be called 'Simple Susan' at school. She's only been able to have one brief job in her life, but rather than feel sorry for herself she dedicated all her time to helping her ageing, ailing mother until she died two years ago."

"She's always, according to people who know her well, been a fun-loving, popular woman who would do anything to help others, including devoting considerable unpaid time and effort to her local church and community as a volunteer."

"I'm not saying she's a saint but, before all this fuss, Susan was generally considered by everyone who met her to be a genuinely lovely person. That's why I feel so upset to see all the distress she is currently suffering from all the media and public furor. My heart absolutely bleeds for the poor woman."

June 1, 2009 |

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