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'Survivor: One World' To Drop Redemption Island And Split Sexes

Producers have officially announced its cast for 'Survivor: One World' and dropped a couple of hints on what we can expect.

First, the cast does not include any returning players as in previous seasons. Instead it will include nine men and nine women who will live together on the same camp -- but in separate tribes -- to pit one sex against the other.

The reality competition, now in its 24th season, will also feature its first little person contestant in the form of 34-year-old actor Leif Manson.

Additionally, the show will be doing away with the Redemption Island twist that was loved by some and loathed by many.

This will once again raise the stakes as once your torch is snuffed out by Jeff Probst, you're out of the game.

'Survivor: One World' will premiere on February 15.

Until then, see the complete cast list, photos and details below:

Salani Tribe (Women)
Kat Edorsson, 22, Orlando, Florida, Timeshare rep
Nina Acosta, 51, Clovis, California, Retired LAPD officer
Christina Cha, 29, West Hollywood, California, Career consultant
Chelsea Meissner, 26, Charleston, South Carolina, Medical sales
Monica Culpepper, 41, Tampa, Florida, Ex-NFL player's wife
Sabrina Thompson, 33, Brooklyn, New York, High school teacher
Kim Spradlin, 29, San Antonio, Texas, Bridal shop owner
Alicia Rosa, 25, Chicago, Illinois, Special ed teacher
Kourtney Moon, 29, Austin, Texas, Motorcycle repair

Manono Tribe (Men)
Jay Byars, 25, Gaffney, South Carolina, Model
Troy Robertson, 50, Miami, Florida, Swimsuit photographer
Colton Cumbie, 21, Monroeville, Alabama, College student
Bill Posley, 28, Venice, California, Stand-up comedian
Matt Quinlan, 33, San Francisco, California, Attorney
Leif Manson, 27, San Diego, California, Phlebotomist
Greg Smith, 64, Houston, Texas, plastic Surgeon
Michael Jefferson, 30, Seattle, Oregon, Banker
Jonas Otsuji, 37, Lehi, Utah, Sushi chef

January 18, 2012 |

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