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'Supergirl' Laura Vandervoort's Interview In 'Stuff' Magazine

Smallville's 'Supergirl' Laura Vandervoort (photosLaura Vandervoort photos) appears in this month's 'Stuff' magazine.

UPDATE: Laura Vandervoort Strips Down To Bikini On 'Smallville'

Yesterday, we brought you the photos from her sexy photoshoot for the mag. Now you can also read up on the interview she did, discussing how she got the role, the outfit (on-set photos here) and what we can expect.

What were you up to when you were cast as Supergirl?
I was at my cottage outside of Toronto, lost in a forest, and I had just sprained my ankle. When I found my way back, there was a message from my agent telling me, “You need to get to L.A. for your screen test!” I got there the next day, did the test and waited a week. When they told me I got the role, I went home, passed out for a bit and headed out on a flight to Vancouver to start shooting.

Were you a Superman fan?
I was a fan of the Christopher Reeve movies, Smallville and Superman Returns. I didn't really read the comics.

So have you been studying up?
Oh, yeah, I've been reading the Supergirl comic books. I didn't know a lot about her background and history, so I'm excited to know that stuff now. I'm very new to it, but I love her. Plus, this version of Kara is based on the updated, relaunched character. She's much more edgy and has a lot more attitude than previous versions.

How do she and Clark get along?
Kara and Clark have some disagreements over hiding their abilities. She doesn't have a problem with showing them to the world, so Clark has to tell her she can't just use her laser beams to cook something. Basically, she's trying to fit in as a teenage girl on Earth—you know, what clothes to wear and all that kind of stuff.

The outfit is pretty hot.
Well, Kara is really into music and videos, so she takes her cues from pop idols and what she sees on TV. Right now she is wearing the short shorts, but I think she will slowly develop a style that makes more sense for Kansas.

That's too bad. What's your favorite part about playing Supergirl?
Flying around is pretty awesome.

Kryptonite is Supergirl's weakness; what's yours?
Probably my huge affection for bags and purses. I am obsessed with purses.

You're a second-degree black belt. Is that helpful for the role?
It has already come in handy for my fight scenes. Although, since Kara hails from Krypton and all, it's really not a necessity.

Kara is coming to terms with her superpowers and double life. Did you have any difficult periods yourself in high school?
Kara feels like an outsider, and I identify with being an outcast. I was kind of a nerd in high school. I was always reading and listening to music, while also honing my karate skills. In that way, we have a lot in common. Generally, I'm like a 70-year-old. I don't party at all.

Are you ready to have a ton of geeks sweating you?
I am prepared and excited. It's kind of funny to have fans asking me questions when they know more about my character than I do.

As a Canadian, what do you think is the biggest misconception Americans have about your home?
That we're very friendly and say “thank you” a lot. Also, that we're passive-aggressive about being from Canada.

Do you think Canadian girls are more fun than American girls?
Oh, not at all—there is no difference. It matters what a girl is like as a person, not where she comes from.

In real life, are you more into bad boys or guys like Superman?
Definitely Superman. I like a wholesome guy who loves his mom. No bad boys here.

'Smallville' returns to the CW on September 27, 2007.

September 18, 2007 |

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