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'Suicide Squad' Sets August Opening Record With $135 Million

'Suicide Squad' shrugged off negative reviews to open with an estimated $135.1 million at the North American box office.

The David Ayer-directed film proved it was the draw everyone expected it would be as it shattered the record for an August opening. Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' held the previous record at $94.3 million.

It was an impressive haul considering 'Batman v Superman', with two of the biggest names in the comic universe, debuted with $166 million in March. The test will be whether 'Squad' receives better word of mouth from moviegoers to keep audiences in the seats.

'Suicide Squad' underwent several reshoots after the fun comic tone of the marketing garnered a frenzied reaction that built anticipation with fans. However, since most of the film had already been locked, that resulted in a film that brought mixed reactions.

Warner Bros, who is responsible for the final cut instead of DC, unlike the pecking order at Marvel Studios, has admitted that they're still "learning as they go" and claims it has "fine-tuned" things by changing "who's in charge and how we're approaching all our DC films."

The complete weekend box office rundown:

1. Suicide Squad, $135.1 million.
2. Jason Bourne, $22.7 million.
3. Bad Moms, $14.2 million.
4. The Secret Life of Pets, $11.6 million.
5. Star Trek Beyond, $10.2 million.
6. Nine Lives, $6.5 million.
7. Lights Out, $6 million.
8. Nerve, $4.9 million.
9. Ghostbusters, $4.8 million.
10. Ice Age: Collision Course, $4.3 million.

August 8, 2016 |

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