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Steven Avery's Brother: Teresa Halbach's Car 'Wasn't There' Night Of Murder

In his first interview, Steven Avery's brother Earl claims that he knows for a fact that Teresa Halbach's car wasn't on the salvage yard on the night of her murder.

"We drove right through there, where that car was supposed to be and it wasn't there,” Earl tells Access Hollywood. "That night of the 31st, we were rabbit hunting."

As seen on 'Making a Murderer', a search party member found Halbach's car on Avery's property covered in branches. Avery and the family have been saying for years that evidence -- including the car -- was planted against him.

The discovery of the car, with Avery and Halbach's blood inside, was the first breadcrumb that allowed law enforcement onto the sprawling Avery Salvage yard where they came up empty at first.

Only after repeated visits by authorities, including several Manitowoc county officers that Avery had a lawsuit against, did evidence turn up such as a mysterious key and a lone bullet.

The key appeared in a place that had already been searched. It was also missing any trace of Halbach and contained only Avery's DNA.

The bullet in the garage, which was tested incorrectly, was the only place Halbach's DNA was found in the home despite law enforcement saying she was raped and cut in the bedroom before being murdered in the garage.

"If somebody is going to slice somebody's throat, you know there's going to be blood," Earl said of the prosecution's theory. "They say they cleaned up in the garage but there's all dust and everything all over everything."

"How do you clean up and then put the dust back?," he asks.

February 3, 2016 |

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