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Stephen King Shares Thoughts On 'The Stand' Heading To Big Screen

Stephen King may not have any involvement in the upcoming big screen adaptation of 'The Stand', but that isn't stopping the author from sharing what he thinks of the project.

"I didn't know anything about the remake until I read about it," King says because he sold the TV and Movie rights to the epic novel years ago.

"But you absolutely can't make it as a two-hour movie," he says of the 1100-page novel which, at its core, is a story of good vs. evil after a virus wipes out most of the American population.

"If it was a trilogy of films, maybe. Historically speaking, movie studios blow the budget on things like this, so maybe it'll be fun to look at. The dough certainly isn't going to me, although if it is a trilogy, and if it makes a lot of money, I might be able to buy a chicken dinner at Popeye's. Great slaw!"

When it comes to casting, King says "no one will be able to top Gary Sinise", who played Stu Redman in the 1994 six-hour ABC miniseries. "He was perfect. When he says 'you don't know nothing' to the soldiers who are putting him under mandatory quarantine, you believe his contempt completely."

Although, he admits, "my runner-up pick would be Jake Gyllenhaal."

"Rutger Hauer is a little too old to play the Walkin' Dude, and that's too bad but Billy Bob Thornton would be cool as the Trashcan Man. Billy Bob's always cool."

King even has an idea for the soundtrack, "they need to write in a lot of heavy-metal."

As for when he expects a film to hit theaters? "M-O-O-N," King says referencing a quote familiar those who have read 'The Stand', "that spells 'you probably won't see this anytime soon'. And when you do, Woody Allen won't be directing it. Or Molly Ringwald."

February 4, 2011 |

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