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Stephen Colbert and George Clooney Make Up Movie To Promote On 'Late Show'

Since George Clooney didn't have a movie to promote during Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show' debut, he made one up.

Colbert and Clooney did mock scenes for 'Decision Strike' as the actor boasted he did all of his scenes.

"Not now, I'm making love to a woman, it's very romantic," Clooney said. "I do all my own sex!"

Clooney played a Secretary General of the UN who was the only one who could stop the world from being destroyed.

Colbert also gave the actor a wedding gift for being his first guest. It was a Tiffany's paperweight engraved with the message: "I don't know you."

"What is it like to be the arm candy in a relationship?," Colbert joked, referring to Clooney's famous lawyer wife.

Colbert's other notable guest of the night was Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush. The comedian joked about the "JEB!" posters before Bush noted the number of drawings of Colbert that appeared on the ceiling of the theater.

"I used to play a narcissistic conservative pundit," Colbert said. "Now I'm just a narcissist."

Even CBS President Leslie Moonves was on hand for the taping, sitting in the front row of the renovated Ed Sullivan Theater,

Colbert laughed that Moonves held a switch that would change the broadcast to reruns of 'The Mentalist' instead of the 'Late Show', if the boss didn't like what he saw.

September 9, 2015 |

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