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Stephen Colbert: Doing The Show In Character Confuses Some Guests

In an interview with David Gregory and 'Meet the Press', Stephen Colbert touched on the debates and spoke about what it's like to do a nightly show in character.

"That guy is on fire. He is on a rocket ride to plausible at this point," Colbert said of Romney.

"Did you watch? What was it like? I didn't see it," he quipped of the first debate. "I don't really watch the news so much. I come in around 6:30 and then I just say the opposite of whatever Rachel Maddow said the night before and I'm usually good."

Asked if it was hard for guests to adapt to him in character, Colbert said: "I say the same thing I said to you, which is, listen, thank you so much for coming because I'm grateful. I know it must be kind of a tough booking sometimes because it's not like going on Charlie Rose."

"You don't know necessarily what I'm going to say or what I'm going to ask because I'm an active idiot and as I say to the guests, I say thank you for coming, have you seen the show? I do the show in character, he's an idiot. He is willfully ignorant of what you know and care about, please disabuse me on my ignorance and we'll have a great time."

"But sometimes they forget," he said. "I had Senator Bob Kurie on. It was the 9/11 commission report, very early on, about four or five months into the show. And I said that backstage. About three minutes into a seven-minute interview, I don't know what I said, but he turned to me and said 'What the hell are you talking about?'"

"But in the middle of the interview, I couldn't explain to him what it was and then he just took the mic off and left as soon as the interview was over. I hope at some point someone explained to him that I was just fooling around and I'm very sorry."

"I'm interested in the news, so people often think that I'm an ideologue or that I have a political intent. But I comment on things that are in the news. I do not imagine that I am a newsman, I really admire newsmen. I really enjoy good news. And I'm not a politician. But I like playing political games to see what really happens," he said.

"I falsely reconstruct the news. And if I do it, and something in the news is doing it... that real thing is probably bull. Because if I can go out and do it, and it's happening in the real world, the closer it is to me, the less you should trust it."

October 15, 2012 |

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