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Stephen Baldwin Comes To Woman's Aid During Epileptic Seizure

Stephen Baldwin is being called a hero by his publicist after coming to the aid of a woman suffering an epileptic seizure during a meeting at the Peninsula Hotel in New York.

The actor said he and Brad Taylor were dining when they heard a loud noise from the other side of the room.

"All of a sudden every head turned because there was this loud bang. It was this girl, fallen on the floor. It was pretty violent," he tells the New York Daily News. "A guy right next us was just sipping his martini and didn't look up. Two other girls ran over to the corner."

Baldwin said that he noticed the girl was having an epileptic fit since he had experiences with the affliction affecting family members during his childhood.

"I held her hand and said a few prayers. I wanted to make sure the young lady was okay and her breathing wasn't restricted.

About three minutes later, the young woman came to and a nurse subsequently arrived on the scene.

"She started going, 'Where am I? What happened? And then I asked, 'Do you have epilepsy?' and she said, 'Yes.' Then she started crying."

Baldwin spoke with her mother on the phone to assure her that her daughter was OK.

"The mom starting asking questions about the seizure. There are characteristics of the seizure that she has to report back to her doctor. When it was over, I never got her name and they never asked for mine. I'm just glad she was OK."

August 14, 2012 |

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