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Sorkin Talked To Apple Founder Steve Jobs' Daughter For Basis Of Film

While they never actually met, Aaron Sorkin spoke to Steve Jobs three times, including fielding a pitch to write a Pixar film and helping the Apple co-founder with his Stanford commencement address.

But Sorkin reveals what really helped him form the basis for his biopic was talking with Jobs' daughter, Lisa.

"This movie is based on the authorized biography by Water Isaacson," he said. "It is a fantastic book but Lisa was unwilling to speak to Walter because her father was alive at the time and she was worried about alienating her father, mother, step mother, perhaps all three."

"Lisa is a wonderful woman now. She's a terrific essayist and was willing to talk to me and that was really my way into the movie."

"The entire movie is three scenes that each take place in real time. Real time of course is when 30 minutes for you in the audience is the same as 30 minutes for a character on the screen. And they each take place backstage in the moments before one of his product launches."

"A lot of personal points of friction and that's -- hopefully how we got to know him better. It's not really for me to say as a writer but I think it is a very entertaining ride."

October 12, 2015 |

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