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Sophia Bush Reveals Ryan Reynolds Was Her First Onscreen Kiss: 'Not Sexy'

Sophia Bush (photosSophia Bush photos) says her first onscreen kiss definitely looked better than it was even if it was with the onetime Sexiest Man Alive.

"That was actually my first real, professional job," Bush recently told E! of starring opposite Ryan Reynolds in 2002's National Lampoon's Van Wilder.

"He was my first onscreen Hollywood kiss. And he was a gentleman, so thank you, sir!"

"Honestly, it was just how strange it was," Bush said of what she remembered about it.

"You see, these things happen on camera and they look flirtatious or fun or sexy — and there's 40 people standing around you, they're adjusting exactly the tilt of your face, you're not blocking the other person's light, and your hand has to go here but not here — and it's really not sexy."

"And so we do our best to sell it but it's a very bizarre process."

Bush, best known for 'One Tree Hill', currently stars in 'Chicago PD' and 'Chicago Fire' as Erin Lindsay.

February 2, 2017 |

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