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So-Called Anna Nicole Smith 'Death Photo' Identified

The photo below was being circulated as Anna Nicole Smith's 'death photo', saying it was taken just after her death.

Well, it's now become clear that the photo is actually from a previous overdose in the Bahamas. And it appears her bodyguard Moe 'Big Moe' Brighthaupt is to blame for releasing the photo..

Howard K. Stern isn't happy and his lawyer says the photo was stolen from Anna Nicole's camera.

But Brighthaupt insists he has never stolen anything and insists he has put it out there for the greater good: "Big Moe would never seek to profit from the disturbing photographs... Big Moe continues to mourn the death of his close friend but continues to question why this picture of Anna Nicole Smith was ever taken in the first place."

Good point. Why would Stern take a photo of a topless, overdosed, and clearly out of it Anna Nicole with vomit on her face in the first place? It's a sad and disturbing case that continues to get stranger.

It isn't pretty, so don't click the full size unless you really want to see it:

October 4, 2007 |

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