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'Smallville' Producers Not Optimistic About Michael Rosenbaum's Return

When the CW announced that 'Smallville's tenth season would be its last, we -- like most others -- assumed Michael Rosenbaum's return to complete his story as Lex Luthor was a lock.

Turns out, Rosenbaum isn't so keen to reprise his role as the bald villain.

"You know what, if it's roses (to convince him), we've done that. If it's dinner, we've done that," executive producer Brian Peterson laments in an interview.

"We love him, and he's such a talented actor and brought such life to Lex Luthor... This season is a lot about Clark confronting the ghosts of his past, and I think he has something to learn from everybody."

"When we looked back at these nine seasons, we tried to bring something out of it we've seen before, but with a new twist. I can't think of anybody who has been on the show where we wouldn't have a clear idea of what their story is."

As for what they've got in store for the show's finale, Peterson promises "it will be spectacular... we have some big hopes for it."

"After being fans of the show for a decade, we wanted to end this on the highest note possible. I would say we're running harder and this whole writing staff is running harder than they've ever run before."

'Smallville' returns with the twelfth episode of the season, titled 'Collateral', on January 28, 2011.

December 24, 2010 |

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