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Simon Pegg On How Jennifer Lawrence Inspired Writing For 'Star Trek Beyond'

Simon Pegg recalls how Jennifer Lawrence (photosJennifer Lawrence photos) inspired their 'Star Trek Beyond' script.

Pegg revealed that the new character Jaylah was inspired by none other than Lawrence herself.

"When you're writing a $200 million dollar film, you come up with a new character and sort of go to a reference point that everyone in the room knows. We wanted this young, resourceful female who is on her own and adept at looking after herself."

"We thought she was like Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone. Like Jennifer-Lawrence-In-Winter's-Bone comes in and sees Scotty, Jennifer-Lawrence-In-Winter's-Bone kicks this guy in the office."

"And it sort of became arduous to say Jennifer-Lawrence-In-Winter's-Bone everytime we spoke about the character so we shortened it to J-Law and then eventually when we decided to think of a proper name for her, we called her Jaylah."

In the film, Jaylah is played by Sofia Boutella. 'Star Trek Beyond' hits theaters on July 22.

July 19, 2016 |

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