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Sienna Miller Says She 'Sabotaged' Career By Doing 'Immoral' Things

In the latest UK issue of Esquire, a contrite Sienna Miller covers a lot of ground and says she's did a lot of "immoral" things early in her career.

"I was really naive, I think. I was a young 21," the now 32-year-old says. "Not green as grass... I was by no means an innocent... but I had faith in the goodness of everyone. I was very open. And that led me into all sorts of situations that backfired."

"It had become difficult for me to get work I wanted, if I'm really honest... I sabotaged things. I burnt a lot of bridges," says the actress who became a tabloid mainstay after a rocky relationship with Jude Law followed by an affair with married Balthazar Getty.

"It was really bad. What was going on in my private life was not an easy thing to read about. People don't want to see films with people they don't approve of in them."

"I felt like I had no control over any aspect of my life, professionally or personally. So I deliberately disappeared. I was sick of myself, to be honest, or sick of that perception of me. It all felt so f--king dirty," she admits.

"When something ends in a way like that, it's important if you can, in a way, go back and revisit it and either shut that door or create a new room," she says of getting back with Law three years after their engagement ended. "So it was a very healthy, cathartic experience."

"And I think it paved the way for both of us to have great futures with no animosity or drama. Such a huge relief, to heal that. And I'm great friends with him and with his children. I love them, madly. Just huge love and respect for all of them."

During the phone hacking proceedings this week, Law confirmed that he had once gotten into a yelling-match with Daniel Craig after discovering his Miller had cheated on him with close friend Craig, who was also married at the time.

Miller is now engaged to actor Tom Sturridge, with whom she has an 18-month-old daughter.

"I feel really settled. I have a wonderful life. I'm up every morning with a little baby," she says. "That gives you incredible perspective. It's such a gift. And it's grounding in a way you can't describe."

"He's the perfect balance to my lunacy, which makes him sound really boring, but he's not, at all. It's good, it works. It's not easy, of course, but we're a family and I love that. I wake up and I'm like, 'I'm a family, I'm a grown up!' I still can't believe it."

January 29, 2014 |

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