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Sharon Osbourne Rants About Being Fed Up With Talent Reality Shows

After having judged her share of talent on everything from 'America's Got Talent' to 'The X Factor', Sharon Osbourne says she is fed up with talent reality shows.

"If one more person stands up in front of me and sings! I've had it with people singing at me and I've had it with watching people singing on TV," Osbourne tells Conan O'Brien.

"And they've all got something wrong. They've either got one lung or one kidney," she mocks. "Or they came up like this or like that. And they've all got somebody sick in hospital and it's like 'Oh Lord, just shutup and sing!'"

"But then when they sing, it's like please stop it. I can't take this anymore."

Osbourne also takes a shot at 'The Voice' for its revolving chairs in which the judges only hear the contestants voices.

"And it doesn't matter if the chair revolves or whether you look at them or you don't look at them," she explains. "Because they're making it like it's just the voice. Everything that matters is the voice."

"Well, hold on here. That's great when you're butt f---ing ugly and you're 9,000 pounds. What the f--k are we gonna do with you?"

"You know, 'The Voice' would be better if you could then spin back around again," jokes Conan. "Be like 'I love your voice... Yeowww!'"

May 8, 2014 |

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