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Seth Meyers Tells Story About Tim Gunn Being 'Nicest Man in the World'

Seth Meyers tells a story about travelling with his family and discovering 'Project Runway's Tim Gunn was the "nicest man in the world" despite a flight delay.

"Mom mom has been so loud and then all of a sudden she get's quite doing this.," Meyers said doing a pointed finger gesture. "So weird. I felt like everyone thought 'What happened to that lady that was talking so loud.'"

"And let me tell you, I thought I was friendly when people come up to come. I worked at SNL and saw a lot of people, lot of hosts, celebrities be friendly when people approach them."

"I've never seen a nicer man than Tim Gunn. He was so nice. Everyone who would come up to him, he would stand up, shake their hand, he would talk to them. Then he got on our flight and everybody was in a terrible mood except for Tim Gunn, who was bringing up the energy of the plane."

"At one point, a guy gave him his phone and he was on the phone saying 'Hi Carol, this is Tim Gunn. I'm with your husband Bob and the flight's delayed an hour but we're making it work."

"You are the nicest person. So that is my takeaway. Tim Gunn has set a new bar for human kindness and I am aspiring to live up to that."

October 28, 2014 |

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