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Seth Meyers Rails On Clippers Owner Donald Sterling On 'Late Night'

Seth Meyers rails on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling over the racist comments that have sparked outrage both in and out of the NBA.

In the segment called 'Couple Things', Meyers says "I've heard old people make subtle racist comments like 'I like the way things were back then' or 'People used to know their place' and sure they made me cringe but they weren't the worst things I heard that Thanksgiving. But this was just bald racism."

"And not even George from Seinfeld bald where he's still got some hair on the sides. This was Mr. Clean bald."

"It seems like if you dislike black people so much, you got into the wrong line of work. If you really wanted to stay away from black people, you could have bought a hockey team or the band Steely Dan."

"And I have to point out here, you got mad at your girlfriend for bringing black people to games but your girlfriend is half black and you bring her to games all the time. So you're not only racist, you're a hypocrite. I'm going to go out on the limb and say you're sexist too. If I'm wrong, I apologize but I'm not wrong."

April 29, 2014 |

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