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Sean Connery: 'I Will Never, Ever, Do Another Film'

Sean Connery insists he has definitely quit acting.

The Scottish actor who has starred as James Bond, and in several other films including 'Entrapment' 'and 'Indiana Jones' says in an interview he's happy living with his wife in New York and says nothing could make him return to the big screen.

"There is nothing that will persuade me to get back into acting. It's over - I will never, ever do another film," Connery says.

However, interestingly, wife Micheline - who has been married to him for 22 years - doesn't believe the 77-year-old Connery will manage to stick to his pledge: "He has said that twice before and then ended up doing another one!"

Connery also says he had been working on his autobiography, wanting to set the record straight and correct the 'lies' written about him in previous unauthorised biographies but he decided to stop writing because it was giving him nightmares: "It was giving me really bad nightmares and I wasn't sleeping. I don't think I am cut out for introspection!"

December 28, 2007 |

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