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Scranton YMCA Bans News Channels After Fights Over Politics Erupt

A Greater Scranton YMCA has decided it will no longer show 24-hour news channels on its televisions after fights over politics almost erupted at the facility.

The gym will show ESPN and The Weather Channel instead of CNN, FOX News and MSNBC.

"There was one that was broken up by another member that was just about ready to go physical and we've had members step forward saying they've felt a little uncomfortable about the arguments that were going on over the politics," CEO Trish Fisher told members.

"We come here to get de-stressed and we're totally stressed out in this country right now!," one person tells Pennsylvania's WBRE-TV.

"They're all complaining that they think they should keep it and stuff but in my opinion, I think they should remove it because it will stop all the problems, people fighting and that's what the big problem is here," adds another.

Fisher says the rules will stay in place until "things calm down."

March 3, 2017 |

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