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Ryan Seacrest Could Still Host 'American Idol' Despite Anchoring 'Live'

Ryan Seacrest has revealed that he debated whether to return to 'American Idol' before signing to join Kelly Ripa (photosKelly Ripa photos) on 'Live with Kelly' -- and that could still happen.

"I've always loved the show," Seacrest tells THR. "And if I could do it forever, I would do it forever."

He says he was offered a chance to return to the series after ABC nabbed rights to the reboot.

"Who am I if not the 'American Idol' guy?,'" Seacrest muses. "I had so many walls up in my own head about my life in Los Angeles and my role in Los Angeles."

Seacrest says he even sat down with Katy Perry (photosKaty Perry photos) and encouraged her to join the competition at $25 million per year.

The host admits he loves doing live broadcasts and ABC exec Ben Sherwood hints Seacrest could still anchor 'Idol'.

"We want Ryan to be a master of all things live for us in the way that Regis Philbin was for many years here," he recently said.

"I've figured out what I'm better at and what I'm not so good at, and I'm doing the things that I'm better at," Seacrest explains. "The things that I'm not so good at would make me tired and would make me want to slow down."

Asked if returning to 'American Idol' would fit on his plate, Seacrest smiles: "I know, I never though that would be possible."

June 15, 2017 |

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