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After Nick Young Split, Rose Tells Iggy Azalea: 'Now You Can Be a Hoe'

Amber Rose is voicing her support for Iggy Azalea after the singer split from fiance Nick Young.

Azalea split from the NBA star last week after she caught him cheating again.

"My heart goes out to you," Rose tells Azalea in a post directed to her on social media.

"I have been through heartbreak as well so I know what you are going through. Stay strong and keep your head up my Rosebuds and I support you and we think ur amazing!!! Not only beautiful but extremely talented! I remember watching your videos a few years back thinking 'Wow this girl is gonna be a star' and you are!"

"Let all the hate go in one ear and out the other," she advised. "Trust me I deal with just as much hate if not more."

"The great thing is it's the beginning of the summer and now you can be a hoe! LOL Date a bunch of hot guys and give yourself some cool options."

In announcing her break-up from Young, Azalea said: "I feel like I don't even know who the hell it is I've been loving all this time. People in this world are really f--ked up."

Young also broke his silence over the weekend, saying: "If you perfect then be perfect I live in a world where people f--k up learn from it and move on."

July 5, 2016 |

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