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Rosario Dawson Says She Was Virgin Until 20, Went to Her Prom Alone

Rosario Dawson (photosRosario Dawson photos) may be one of the hottest women in Hollywood but the actress says she wasn't that way growing up.

"I was an awkward teenager. I went stag to my prom. I was a virgin until I was 20 years old!," Dawson tells the latest issue of Cosmo for Latinas.

"My mother was raising five kids on her own, I wasn't just going to sit back and be a horny teenager and continue some cycle of teenage pregnancy I wanted more opportunities."

Although Dawson admits she "loves romance."

"I'm a touch person, I love intimacy. I love men! I would love to fall deeply in love with someone, but at the same time it's not my everything."

The actress says she appreciates the simple things.

"For me, it's about forethought," she says. "For my 25th birthday, my then-boyfriend prepared a beautiful bath for me. He put flowers and a bunch of little candles everywhere. He was crazy busy, and he knew I loved a great bath!"

"I remember it was so small but it was so special to me because he thought it through."

September 5, 2014 |

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