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Rosario Dawson To Conan: My Sexy Selfies Are For Attention To Good Causes

In an appearance with Conan O'Brien, Rosario Dawson (photosRosario Dawson photos) tells the host that her sexy selfies -- like one in her underwear -- are just a way for her to get attention for good causes.

"I am posting inspirational quotes and about the different organizations that I work with. Maybe that's a good way to get some of the things in," said Dawson. "Me and my Calvin's, go vote. Me and my Calvins, mix it up a little bit."

The actress said she was inspired to take more selfies by James Franco.

"There was a whole calendar that James Franco did of pure selfies, every month has a selfie and every day of the month has a selfie."

"He had written an article that I had read about the art of the selfie... I thought I need to do some selfies more."

December 16, 2014 |

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