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Ron Howard Promises 'Arrested Development's Return Will Be 'Fearless'

Ron Howard says fans may be excited for 'Arrested Development' to return, but no one was more excited than him after Netflix decided to revive the cancelled series.

"It's great. People stopped believing me when I would say 'I think it's going to happen! I can't guarantee it, but I think it's going to happen!' It really is a thrill," says the Oscar-winning producer.

"I visited the set last week. It's a blast over there. Mitch Hurwitz has such a remarkable, creative voice. It's the perfect set of actors to bring it to life. I'm so glad it's back. I'm a fan, too. The scripts are hilarious."

"Mitch isn't trying to recreate something," Howard says of the show's creator. "It's been away for a while, and part of the fun that Mitch has been mining and exploiting is, what's new to discover about these people? What's delightfully unchanged?"

"He and the writing staff and the actors have a fantastic sense of that. They're pretty brazen, pretty bold and fearless. That's what made the show into something that fans really kept alive. Everyone is in great form and dying to take the characters further."

"They're having the greatest time getting together and getting back into it," he adds. "It's cool and bold and funny, and out there taking chances, just like it always did."

The ten new episodes of the series will air in early 2013.

August 17, 2012 |

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