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Roman Polanski's Arrest Puts His Film 'The Ghost' On Hold

Roman Polanski's arrest in Switzerland over the weekend has put his latest film on hold.

The political thriller, titled 'The Ghost', still had several months of work to complete before it was ready for theaters but its release is now in limbo with the Oscar-winning director's arrest.

Based on the novel by Robert Harris, the film features an impressive cast of Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor, Kim Cattrall, Olivia Williams, Tom Wilkinson, and James Belushi. According to his agent, Polanski had almost all of the editing, however, he had yet to work on the sound mixing and music scoring.

Meanwhile, prosecutors say they are thrilled with Polanski's arrest and are disputing his claim that they had never tried to nab him after he fled the United States on the day of sentencing, subsequent to his guilty plea to a count of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.

Prosecutors say Polanski fled the country in 1978 because he knew full well that he would likely be sentenced to more time in prison. They claim they have been trying to arrest the filmmaker for years since then, including warrants in England, Thailand, France and one as recently as 2007 in Israel.

He has also been the target of an Interpol 'red notice' , they add, which tells other countries the United States wants the suspect's extradition if caught.

The District Attorney's Office believes Polanski was a free man for so long because he knew exactly where he could and couldn't travel, including which countries had extradition agreements, so that he could evade arrest.

Polanski appears to be destined to spend several months in detention while a complicated legal process plays out on his extradition. However, even if that works in the United States' favor, Polanski could still withdraw his guilty plea -- which would pose a whole new set of problems for prosecutors.

Swiss authorities say a decision on what they expect to do next "will be made within the next weeks."

September 29, 2009 |

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