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Robert Rodriguez May Direct "Jetsons" Movie

"Grindhouse" might have done poorly at the box office, but director Robert Rodriguez is very much in demand.

And he is in talks to direct a live-action feature version of futuristic 1960s cartoon "The Jetsons" for Warner Bros.

He's also met with Will Ferrell and Universal for "Land of the Lost," based on the 1970s Sid and Marty Krofft fantasy TV series, in which Ferrell would star.

Word is "Jetsons" has the edge because its script is farther along.

Rodriguez has done children films including the Spy Kids trilogy, and could be a good fit for "The Jetsons."

The Jetsons followed the life of the Jetson family, set in a future world with flying cars, holograms, and a robot maid named Rosie. It was most recently brought to the big screen in 1990 as an animated film.

Rodriguez was most recently in theaters with the "Planet Terror" portion of "Grindhouse," a double feature with Quentin Tarantino.

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