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Robert Pattinson Talks 'Dogging' Raid, Jokes He's Homeless Since Split

Jimmy Kimmel sat back and let Robert Pattinson tell the jokes on Wednesday night.

Pattinson told the story of once being caught up in a 'dogging' raid, the British term for random gay sex.

"I used to turn up at this parking lot looking at everyone like, 'Why are all these guys sitting around in their cars all the time?'"

"And I'm going there everyday kinda thinking nothing of it, coming out in my little Lycra pants, and one day there was a big raid."

It was only then he realized the public place he was stopping was actually being used by men to meet for casual sexual encounters.

The 26-year-old actor also discussed a scene in his new film 'Cosmopolis' where he had to undergo a prostate exam, admitting he couldn't hide his feelings for the camera.

"Someone was telling me about this vein that comes out of my forehead that only ever happens when very good things happen or very, very bad things. And I have no idea which one it's classified as being f--ked."

When Kimmel wondered if he was homeless after moving out of the home he shared with 'Twilight' co-star Kristen Stewart (photosKristen Stewart photos), without directly naming her, Pattinson replied: "I am... No, I rented this archway and I just live behind it. In one of those trash cans."

August 23, 2012 |

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