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Rob Lowe Upsets Winnipeggers With 'Hell Hole' Comment

Actor Rob Lowe, who is in Winnipeg filming Lifetime's film about Casey Anthony, raised the ire of Winnipeggers after apparently referring to the city as a "hell hole."

"The local affiliate is interrupting the 4th quarter of the NBA Finals to show city council election results!!!," the actor wrote on Twitter while apparently watching the first game in the NBA finals.

Lowe followed up his comment with the hash tag "trapped in a hell hole."

The actor's post was quickly met with replies from fans in the city that pointed out the "local affiliate" he was watching was actually based in Grand Forks, North Dakota -- not Winnipeg.

Another fan pointed out that Lowe should've been watching the game on TSN's national broadcast, not some local channel.

"Thanks. Will find a better sports bar. Was the worst!!!," Lowe replied.

"You can leave anytime!," said someone who wasn't amused. "This trapped in a hell hole thing - he does know Grand Forks and Winnipeg are in two completely different countries?"

But the 'Parks and Recreation' star had some supporters too.

"People from Winnipeg need to get over the fact that there are people in the world who don't like it there," said one such person. "If the comment bothers you, sadly you are trapped in a hell hole."

June 15, 2012 |

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