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Rob Lowe Calls Bill Paxton His 'Closest Friend in the Industry' in Tribute

Rob Loweis mourning the loss of friend Bill Paxton.

Paxton, 61, passed unexpectedly on February 25 following complications from a surgery.

Lowe and Paxton met in 1991 and co-starred in heist comedy 'Frank and Jesse' after Lowe reached out to the actor to play his brother.

"That was really the beginning of our friendship," Lowe recalls to THR. "The first time I ever took my kids fishing was with Bill and his son... fast-forward to 20 years later my son still fishes every weekend and that's because of Bill."

"What made Bill really special to me was that we both lived outside of LA. I've lived in Santa Barbara for 25 years. He lived in Ojai for 30 years."

"He's one of the reasons I moved out of L.A. because I saw a really similar marriage, a really solid man who is building a life not completely centered around the business in spite of the fact that he grew up in the business."

"Bill was the most loyal, old-school friend. The type that showed for every single occasion, no matter how small—Bill would be there," says Lowe. "If it was, you know, my kid's Bar Mitzvah, Bill's there. If it was my mother's funeral, Bill's there. If it was my book launch party, Bill's there."

"Bill was not only one of my closest friends, but he was without a question my closest friend in the industry."

"To have someone with a common experience, that's really hard in this business, because we get to a place if we're lucky that very few people get to go, so the numbers are small to begin with and then to find somebody in that small group of people who have experienced this life, to find somebody who you're so simpatico with is a rarity. There will be no replacement for me. There will not be."

March 1, 2017 |

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