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Reese Witherspoon: Divorce Was 'Very humiliating And Very Isolating'

In April's issue of 'Elle' magazine, Reese Witherspoon opens up about her divorce from Ryan Phillippe and new beau Jake Gyllenhaal.

The 'Legally Blonde' actress says her divorce was: "Very humiliating and very isolating. But, by the way, if it's not painful, maybe it wasn't the right decision to marry to begin with. Those are the appropriate emotions. When people get in your face and say, 'This will pass,' you think, Are they crazy? I'm never gonna feel any better than I feel right this minute and nothing's ever gonna make sense again. And I still have moments where I'm like, Nothings ever gonna make sense again."

Witherspoon, who has two children, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, with Phillippe says what she's tried to do is avoid the 'blame game'.

"You see a lot of people play this blame game. And it's a really easy thing to do, and I'm certainly guilty of it but you have to look at yourself and that's the painful work that you have to go through to hopefully get some real life knowledge out of it."

Reese also briefly talks about Gyllenhaal, who she's been dating since the two met on the set of 'Rendition', before coyly changing the subject: "He's fabulous. He really is a fantastic guy. Unfortunately, he's not in the movie, so we can't really talk about him." The movie being animated film 'Monsters vs. Aliens' in which she voices Susan Murphy.

She tries to address her reputation of being somewhat uptight: "I don't think I’m a control freak. I think I'm just fearful. I operate from a lot of fear, like, of things being lost or forgotten or neglected. Losing the spiritual rather than the physical. It’s so funny to me that somehow I've been portrayed as a very, like, closed-off or uptight person. I'm very open."

Witherspoon believes part of that outlook on her comes from the fact that she was a very young mother: "When I first had Ava, I couldn't afford help, and it was so hard. I was out in Los Angeles, living away from family. I really didn’t have any friends. And I had a baby. No one else who was 22 had a baby. I just couldn't go out."

March 5, 2009 |

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