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Quentin Tarantino Explains Why Leaked Hateful Eight Script Upset Him So Much

In an appearance with Jimmy Kimmel, Quentin Tarantino explains why the leak of his 'Hateful Eight' script upset him so much.

Tarantino says he was attempting a different writing process for the film and the leak was of the first draft of the script, which wasn't a complete version of what he wanted to accomplish.

"I wanted to write three drafts of the script, go through it three different times, tell the story three different times, and then decide, 'Okay, this is the movie.'"

"And so I did the first draft, and it was completely unfinished... so to have it exposed in that first version really got to me."

Tarantino almost gave up on the film after the script leaked.

'The Hateful Eight' cast also talk about the leak of the film's script and being included in the circle of three that could've circulated it.

'The Hateful Eight' gets a limited release on Christmas before going wide in January.

December 8, 2015 |

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