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Publicist Now Admits Heidi Wasn't 'Tortured' on 'I'm a Celebrity'

Wouldn't you know it, hours after the reality show aired its version of what led to Heidi Montag (photosHeidi Montag photos)'s hospitalization, her publicist has come out to say that the tales of torture were not true.

"There have been many reports that surfaced over the weekend regarding Spencer and Heidi Pratt. Many of these reports are false and inaccurate, including any reports of 'torture' on the show," says the publicist.

"What we can say at this time is that Heidi went to a hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica, because she was not feeling well. She has been released from the hospital and is doing well. The couple remains in Costa Rica. In addition, it was reported the Pratts have fired their legal counsel. This is inaccurate."

This in response to the claim by Heidi's sister-in-law, Stephanie, yesterday that Heidi and Spencer were punished "so harshly and tortured as if they were criminals or terrorists" and Heidi was "virtually on her death bed" after she had to be rushed to the hospital "with an IV in her arm after being locked in a dark room for 3 days with no food or water."

We were immediately told that the couple was only in the room for 10-14 hours with food and water, not three days without food or water as Stephanie claimed, and we saw that play out on Monday's episode -- which led to the couple's exit from the show for good.

Viewers also saw Spencer's first reaction when the cast arrived at camp as he told producers he didn't know they would be living in the jungle.

He thought that they would live in a luxury hotel, come to the jungle for a "few hours", create "jungle drama", lie in the cots and then head back to luxury each day. Basically, that the whole living in the jungle was an act for the audience. Spencer, you mean like 'The Hills'?

June 9, 2009 |

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