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Prosecution Using A Mole To Link R. Kelly To Sex Tape

What do you do when the face isn't clearly recognizable on a sex tape? Use distinctive features such as a mole to make the connection, of course.

That's what a prosecution witness at R. Kelly's child pornography trial did on Thursday to link the singer to the sex tape at the center of the case.

Interestingly, it was the singer's own attorneys who first brought up the mole in their openings statements, arguing that since the man in the video did not have a mole, it couldn't have been Kelly. But it came to bite them on Thursday when FBI forensics expert Grant Fredericks froze several frames of the sex tape to show a dark spot was in fact visible on the man's back, where the mole would have been.

Kelly and his attorneys looked dejected during the expert's testimony and the lawyers could do nothing more than suggest the spot in the video could have been an artifact on the tape.

The 41-year-old is charged with child pornography for allegedly taping himself having sex with a girl who was as young as 13. Jurors were made to watch the graphic video on day one of the trial. Shown on a 4-by-4-foot monitor just outside the jury box, it was entered into record as 'People's Exhibit No. 1', and has been at the center of the case.

R. Kelly, who has pleaded not guilty, faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

May 30, 2008 |

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