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Pitt To Replace Cruise In Mission Impossible?

Reports say, after ending their 14-year relationship with Cruise, Paramount is looking to cast Brad Pitt to play the lead in the next "Mission: Impossible" sequel.

Paramount is reportedly willing to pay Pitt $39 million, which, if he accepts, would make him the highest-paid actor in Hollywood history.

Sources close to Paramount say Brad would not be playing Cruise's character of Ethan Hunt, but rather a new operative.

"Theyre set on Brad taking over as a gutsy new head operative who puts together his own unique team of specialists," says the source.

On the report, Hollywood movie guru Scott Mantz says: "Hes sexy, hes fit, hes an A-list star in his own right, and after playing a similar role in last years blockbuster Mr. & Mrs. Smith, hes certainly got the action chops."

"Mr. & Mrs. Smith" grossed almost $400 worldwide, which is comparable to "M:I:IIIs" numbers.

"'Batman' has changed stars numerous times. It's not who you put in the role, its how you reinvent the franchise. It's all about making a good movie," says another critic.

For the record, Paramount says the report is "complete fabrication".

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