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Piers Morgan Sorry He Set Up McCartney & Mills, Calls Hasselhoff A 'Tool'

Former British tabloid editor and 'America's Got Talent' judge Piers Morgan was a guest on the 'The Howard Stern Show' yesterday and said he will always be sorry he introduced Paul McCartney to Heather Mills.

"Paul asked who she was after seeing her give a speech," Morgan told Stern. "I introduced them... I'm not sure if Paul knew that she was missing a leg at the time."

Morgan said he had no idea Mills would turn out to be a "grasping, gold-digging little bimbo", adding, "I was fooled into thinking that she was a good person. She ended up costing Paul $50 million."

Morgan first revealed that he introduced her to the musician in his memoirs. The two got married in June 2002, and separated in 2006. Mills was awarded a $48.7 million settlement after a bitter divorce battle.

He also took a shot at fellow 'America's Got Talent' judge David Hasselhoff, calling him a 'tool', and recounting one particular story: "One day, he went out and got a spray tan in the middle of the shoot, so it looks like he tanned during a commercial break. His face had gotten orange. The audience is going to say, 'Well, David Hasselhoff has gotten a tan halfway through the show.'"

Morgan, who won Trump's first 'Celebrity Apprentice', also briefly spoke about friend and nemesis Stephen Baldwin: "Stephen spent half his time talking about religion and the other half talking about sleeping with hookers in Vegas. Make your mind up, mate."

June 20, 2008 |

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