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Paul Haggis: 'Shame On' Reporters For Ignoring Scientology With Tom Cruise

Former Scientologist Paul Haggis is calling out journalists for ignoring the pertinent questions in interviews with Tom Cruise during his promotional tour for 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation'.

The 62-year-old, who defected from the Church of Scientology in 2009 and spoke out against the religion in recent documentary 'Going Clear', says: "We forgive anybody anything if they're a movie star, I guess!"

"That's not his fault," Haggis says of Cruise not speaking about the issue himself. "His PR people are very smart."

"I don't know how journalists can continue to call themselves journalists if they aren't brave enough to ask a question," he tells the 'Daily Beast'.

"I mean, how big does the elephant in the room have to be before you ask about it?"

Haggis says Cruise's PR team makes sure the topics are off the table before any one-on-one interviews.

"Yeah, because then they can't get the interview," Haggis says. "Well, fine, but there are things called journalistic integrity, and there are things more important than promoting a movie sometimes."

"It was so glaringly obvious. There was this huge elephant there, and every journalist agreed not to address it. Why? You're just a PR person at that point. Shame on you."

August 28, 2015 |

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