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Patton Oswalt Reveals He Was 'Head Over Heels' For Wife Before They Even Met

Patton Oswalt reveals how he met his new wife Meredith Sallenger, and shares some details of their wedding including wanting Andy Serkis to be his ring bearer.

Oswalt says the couple had been talking for months and he was "head over heels" in love before they actually met.

"I married Meredith Salenger, this amazing actress, and she and our wedding planner, it was like watching two people plan a bank heist," Oswalt joked.

"Being the groom is the best. You are a prop that eats appetizers. That's all you are. You're just there and they tell you where to go."

"We met through mutual friend Martha Plimpton and she threw a dinner party and she invited both of us but we never met – I couldn't go because of some travel."

"And Meredith messages me the next day and says 'You missed some amazing lasagna last night dude.' That was on February 28. We started talking, we didn't meet face to face until May 20."

"It was very Victorian-like, exchanging letters kind of romance. Every night we would write about life, politics, books, it was all this deep stuff you do after the date. By the time we met on our first date I was so head over heels."

November 17, 2017 |

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