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Olivia Munn Jokes About Asian Mom With Andy Richter, Jeff Garlin & Conan

Olivia Munn (photosOlivia Munn photos) copies and jokes about her Asian mom in an entertaining segment with Andy Richter, Jeff Garlin and Conan all chiming in.

"You're painting a horrible picture of Asians," laughed Garlin about Munn joking about her mom hitting her.

"Maybe it's just my Asian family and I made myself feel better all these years by saying 'No, no, it's a whole cultural thing," said Munn.

She then went on to mock her mom's accent and what she would say.

"She would say to you 'Oh, it's ok. I just kiss on her. You know, look she successful now. I do good job.' She does not care."

"She's never learned to use the English language properly?," quipped Garlin.

"No, my mom, she speaks in an accent and writes in one too. She's been here for a very long time but it works for her. Gets out of speeding tickets, people feel bad for her. She's like 'Oh, I'm just a little Asian lady!'"

July 19, 2013 |

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