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NYPD Investigating Police Placard On Jerry Seinfeld's Car

The New York Police Department is investigating why a police placard was displayed in Jerry Seinfeld's car.

But according to Seinfeld's publicist, Elizabeth Clark Zoia, the comedian wasn't even aware of it. She explains the placard belonged to Seinfeld's longtime driver, who is a retired police officer.

Apparently the Bronx police placard was supposed to be turned in more than two years ago, but never was.

She says the driver posted the placard in the car so he could get by a crowd of people and escort Seinfeld inside the building where 'The Marriage Ref' is being filmed. That's when a NYPD officer noticed it.

Interestingly, the NYPD's records indicated the paper placard had been turned in at the end of 2007.

Zoia says Seinfeld is sorry for the confusion and takes responsibility for the incident.

The 55-year-old didn't know his driver was using the pass but the former officer won't be fired over the incident.

February 26, 2010 |

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