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North Korea Defector Says 'The Interview' Could Push Citizens To Revolt

A defector from North Korea says the country's officials are right to be concerned because copies of the 'The Interview' making the rounds could push the citizens to revolt.

"The Interview will be the first time they see a movie that criticizes Kim Jong Un," Kang Chol Hwan tells THR.

"The conditions they see in American movies, they can't imagine. It makes them think, maybe Americans aren't as bad as we are told."

Kang was nine when he was shipped to a North Korean concentration camp with most of his family because his grandfather was accused of criticizing the Communist regime.

The book detailing his personal story of life as prisoner in North Korea, 'The Aquariums of Pongyang', is set to be turned into a film 'The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun set to star.

Kang shares that another movie has been popular on the North Korean black market: 2008 Oscar winning film 'Slumdog Millionaire'.

He says North Koreans are fascinated because the concept of being given the opportunity to get out of poverty is so foreign to them.

April 21, 2015 |

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