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Nicole Kidman: Keith Urban 'Literally Carried' Me After My Father's Death

In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nicole Kidman (photosNicole Kidman photos) said she would do anything for husband Keith Urban.

"I have to say—I love saying this because he should be, you know, just adored—and he has been so good to me, you know, for nine years, but for the last sort of month, which has been a really tough time for me, when you have your partner who just literally carries you through a tough time and he's been amazing to me," Kidman said.

"I recently lost my father and to have my husband... just step up, you know, in that way, it makes me cry," she said. "He's amazing. And literally, at times... to be literally carried by your partner, physically at times, because I was so devastated, it's just like, 'I'll do anything for that man.'"

Kidman's father died last month after a fall in a hotel room in Singapore.

The actress also revealed that Urban leaves her a love note "every single day" when the singer is away.

October 31, 2014 |

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