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Nick Cannon On Most 'F--ked Up' Part About Split From Mariah Carey

In an appearance with Howard Stern, Nick Cannon talked about his split from Mariah Carey (photosMariah Carey photos) and what he thought of his ex-wife's engagement to a billionaire businessman.

"It's kind of f--ked up when time with your kids is considered visitations," he said. "It's unfair to the fathers in the situation."

"I'm just keeping it real. That's pain, right there."

"Everything shuts down when I'm with my kids," he explained. "It's their time and my house is like a big fun house. I have a candy store and slides. We're just playing the whole time. But I'm also the most stern. I'm the disciplinarian, 100-percent. They know dad don't play."

Even though Mariah Carey is now engaged to billionaire businessman James Packer, the former couple is legally separated but technically married.

"Mariah and I are super cool. We talk every day," he said of the amicable split.

"I'm like a recurring character in the sitcom," he said about showing up often to pick up his kids.

"but to see her happy is outstanding. I love it! I salute them. I respect it."

"I wish all my exes found billionaires!," he laughed.

July 21, 2016 |

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