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MSNBC's Chris Matthews: My Job Is To Make New Presidency Work (Video)

Everyone's hoping for the best as President-elect Barack Obama prepares to take over the helm, but Chris Matthews seems to be a little more dedicated to the cause than you'd expect.

Appearing on 'Morning Joe' last week, Matthews was reluctant to criticize speculation over the selection process for Obama's administration.

Scarborough: "Dont you think this would've already been decided months ago by he and his family?"

Matthews: "Well, I have no idea. I don't question, Joe. It's very hard to question motive."

Scarborough: "You're a good man, but I'll bet you do."

Matthews: "No, it's true. It's the worst thing you can do in journalism -- to try to figure out motive. There's no way to determine it."

Scarborough: "You play Hardball, and so let's play hardball here. You got the guy that just got elected president of the United States, he offers a job up but you know ... you ask people quietly behind the scenes whether you want to be chief of staff."

Matthews: "Well, you know what. I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new presidency work, and I think that ..."

Scarborough: "Is that your job? You just talked about being a journalist."

Matthews: "Yeah, it is my job. My job is to help this country."

Scarborough: "So your job as a journalist is to make this presidency work?"

Matthews: "To make this work successfully, because this country needs a successful presidency."

See video of the segment below:

November 10, 2008 |

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