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Montana Fishburne Says She's Always Known She Wanted To Do Porn

Laurence Fishburne's 18-year-old daughter, who has decided to enter the world of adult films by releasing her own sex tape, says she's always known what she wanted to do.

"I had a little passion inside me to do porn," Montana says in an interview. "I didn't really want to tell too many people about it because I was afraid of their reactions when I was younger. I started thinking about it when I was 16."

"I wasn't really into mainstream acting," she admits, when asked about choosing porn over her father's Hollywood career.

"People would ask me, 'Do you want to get into acting? Do you want to be an actress?' and I would say, straight up, 'No.'...I knew I wanted to do adult films."

"I'd say about 16. I lost my virginity and the whole sexual world sparked my interest."

"I watched it, I liked it," she says of her first experience on camera. "I was like, 'Wow, now I really want to do it,' after seeing myself. I just took it from there. I became really passionate after my first at-home video."

"I think it was just wanting to explore sexuality. Because I know it's such a big world I was just like, wow, well since I like sex. I wanted to see everything that I would like, every kind of fantasy I would like and porn is a way that I could explore that."

She made the sex tape in March then decided to shop it around.

"It motivated me in a different way," she says of the Kim Kardashian (photosKim Kardashian photos) sex tape. "That was leaked... mine is a more fun feeling because you're seeing everything. It's me having fun."

"I absolutely didn't make this movie to hurt my parents or bring shame to my family name," she insists. "This was something that I wanted to do and I think that, in time, my father will support me in my decision."

It's also now coming out that Montana Fishburne was arrested last year for alleged prostitution, so believe it or not, this may be a step in the right direction for her.

She was sentenced to two years' probation and 15 days in jail, but was able to do community service instead of jail time.

Fishburne was ordered not to charge money for sex, have sex in a public place or a place exposed to public view, and not loiter "with the intent to solicit acts of prostitution."

Some nude photos from the sex tape have already leaked out. It's official release is later this month.

August 11, 2010 |

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