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Molly Shannon: TSA Pat Down Gives Me 'Head Orgasm'

Molly Shannon explains how she may be one of the few who actually look forward to a TSA pat down.

"They were like 'We're going to do a pat down. Just so you know, you can do it out here or you can do it in private.'"

"I was like I'll do it out here. It was already feeling like a spa experience or a massage," Shannon told Conan. "It felt really relaxing."

"She explained that 'I'm going to pat you here, and here and here and here.' And I was like 'Greattt!' that sounds good."

Shannon then went on to explain she had ASMR, which she said gives her a "tingling sensation" or a "head orgasm" with slow or methodical hand movements and sounds.

"Okay, it sounds to me like you're in a constant state of orgasmic joy," quipped Conan. "Seriously, everything you're describing!"

May 22, 2014 |

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