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MLB Pitcher Matt Garza Slammed For Lecturing Jessica Chastain About Abstinence

MLB Pitcher Matt Garza, a father of six, is being slammed after he tried to preach to Jessica Chastain (photosJessica Chastain photos) about the benefits of abstinence.

It began when Chastain expressed disappointment over the Senate possibly vetoing the Affordable Care Act.

"Birth control is no longer covered by health insurance," she wrote on Twitter. "Congrats USA, you're doing your part to keep women out of the work force."

"It's called abstinence," Garza replied out of the blue, "a word that has been forgotten amongst this generation... it's the best contraceptive."

But the 33-year-old Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, who had his first child when he was 18, obviously didn't think it through.

"Matt Garza has 6 kids and knocked up his high school girlfriend, but he is preaching to a woman about abstinence & birth control costs," noted one.

"Yeah. How many ppl do you know who are abstinent? Don't lecture women about abstinence... especially when you had a kid at 18," one fan wrote back.

"LOL an idiot who had a kid at 18 lecturing about abstinence," laughed another.

"Matt Garza doesn't have sex," a fourth mocked. "Got it. Matt has had sex precisely six times."

"Matt Garza has six kids, of course he doesn't know what birth control can do," noted Marc.

"Matt, if you ever get to the postseason on your trash team, maybe abstain from giving up 4 runs in six innings like you did last time," advised another.

Chastain has said she will participate in the Women's March in Washington on January 21.

January 18, 2017 |

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