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Mindy Kaling Disappointed No One Stole Her Nude Photos

In an appearance with David Letterman, Mindy Kaling jokes that she was disappointed that no one stole her nude photos in the recent hack that leaked the photos of several celebrities, including Kate Upton (photosKate Upton photos) and Jennifer Lawrence (photosJennifer Lawrence photos).

"I have two feelings," says Kaling. "One is it's a terrible invasion of privacy, it's a felony. It's disgusting. I hate it. My second feeling is why were none of my nude photos taken."

"Dave, here's why. Believe me, I have them and they would blow your mind."

"I checked my phone that day and there was dust on it. Nobody wants them and I'm telling you I couldn't have made it easier. The passcode on my phone is 1234. And these photos have dozens of tasteful nudes... and dozens of not so tasteful nudes."

"You don't have to go the cloud and you just go to glass cab I was in and it's sitting in the back of the cab."

September 15, 2014 |

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